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There was a time once, that demons walked these lands,
I’ve seen these beasts moving again today,
So I move, with my blade in hand, to strike them down in bloody conflict.

The darker side of light strike in a bloody war,
The Arch-angels stand with arms to kill the fools of our world,
And here I stand with them, so don’t fuck around, or I’ll slice you down.

The light fades to red, I draw my blade in this bloody war,
Lets go my friend, lets show this world the darker side of light.

I move through the shadows,
I love the feel of this flesh under my blade,
I killed again last night, those demon men, always seem surprised.

I strike out in the name of the goddess,
I know you couldn’t understand,
But even light has its darker side.

The light fades to red, I draw my blade in this bloody war,
Lets go my friend, lets show this world the darker side of light.

There was a time when demons walked this world,
Last night I saw another stir,
For the last fifty years, these demons have walked the lands,
I move through this land, my sword in my hand,
I strike down the damned, letting the darker side of light shine on.

© Jonathon William Dell
Black Hearted Poet.
One thing that i beleive more then anything in life is that there is suppose to be a balance to everything in life. Like yin and yang, there is light in darkness and darkness in light, no two parts can live with out the other, sweet and sour, hot and cold, good and evil, wet and dry, just to name a few. Just as demons have a soft spots, saints have a dark side. It doesn't mean that someone who is to be worshipped as a saint shouldn't be because they might have fought or killed, it just means they embrace their darker side, and that is the true way to, in my mind, perfection. I don't know if their real, or created based upon this idea, but the 'voices' in my head repersent this, showing different sides, both sides making up me. I'm not evil, not in any way, i'm not really as crazy as this makes me sound, but in the end, everyone is crazy, to make it through the shit we see, we have to be crazy.

'In order to make it through this world sane, one must be crazy.' -Jonathon William Dell, The Black Hearted Poet.
Kuroneko8813 Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2005
Like Amethyst said, Without balence all will be undone.

Hun, we are both crazy....that's why we fit together so well.
demonfox666 Featured By Owner Dec 11, 2005
I love it. Fave.
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December 11, 2005
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